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    About Artemis - dry food for dogs

    Main advantages of Artemis pet food:

    Every year since 2001 it has won from two independent non-commercial pet food reviewers (Whole Dog Journal Dog Food Analysis the highest points for:

    • the highest possible content of meat the technology of production allows – up to 59 g of dry (i.e. 300 g raw) meat in 100 grams of food . It is approx. 20 times more than the common super premium brands of pet food of the similar price bracket offer
    • choice of the best raw material of exclusively human foodstuff quality from reputable and certified suppliers
    • holistic composition with antioxidants: chicken, turkey, salmon, lamb, eggs, rice, millet (panicum), barley, oats, potato chicken fat, salmon oil, linseed, 8 kinds of fruit and vegetables, sea algae, endive (chicory) root nutraceutics - extracts from green tea, yucca, barley malt, yeast, vitamins, minerals, trace elements including chelates, enzymes, probiotics, L-carnitine, glucosamine, chondroitine.
    • millet, brown rice as carbohydrates source
    • Omega 3 and 6 fatty acid – for healthy and lovely skin
    • immune system support
    • herbs

    Artemis pet food strictly does not contain any raw materials potentially less suitable and unsuitable for the nutritional needs of pets

    • maize/corn, wheat, soya, beetroot pulp, protein hydrolysates and concentrates
    • vegetable and animal by-products, menadione/menaphthone as a source of the vitamin K
    • chemical preservatives, colourants and taste enhancers
    • genetically modified plants

    Formulated, recommended and used by veterinarians.

    Corresponds with the AAFCO standards.

    In the USA and European countries Artemis pet food is one of the reputed non-commercial brands with an excellent reputation among breeders.

    A growing number of people realize that feeding with the natural holistic pet food with a high content of meat of human foodstuff quality is in accordance with the non-commercial trends in feeding dogs and is the best solution.

    And i t is the Artemis that represents the foods with the highest meat contents available on the world’s market today . It uses fresh meat as its main ingredient and in combination with high-quality meat meal it achieves an incomparable 280 grams of fresh meat in 100 grams of food. It supplies the dog with proteins in their most easily digested and most valuable form, in contrast to pet foods supplying most of the proteins’ demand from cereals. The fresh meat in such an amount also profoundly influences the taste of the food.

    The proportion of individual raw ingredients fully complies with the proper nutrition of a dog as far as the needs of a carnivore go.

    The holistic composition brings this nutrition as close as possible to the composition of food of the minor canine predators in the wilderness.