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    Interesting links


    Whole Dog Journal - www.whole-dog-journal.com


    Dry food Artemis for dogs is from its inception included on the list of recommended list of Top food by Whole Dog Journal. This prestigious magazine publishes an annual list of recommended brands that are safe for your dogs. If you choose a brand from this list, you can not step aside.


    www.dogfoodscoop.com  - independent reviews of dog food


    The above server performs an independent assessment of feed, based on criteria from the perspective of the important dogs dietArtemis has this assessment not only the highest possible ratingin addition, but also ranked among the top 10 overall feedWe are very proud of the quality of the food reviews Artemis and we are very pleased. 


    www.dogfoodanalysis.com  - independent reviews of dog food


    Also this server listed Artemis dry food like one of the best and only two from the Top food are imported to Europe actually.


    www.dogfoodadvisor.com independent reviews of dog food


    Again specialized server for review of dog food which listed Artemis dry food like one of the best in the highest category.