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    Why Artemis

    Why choose Artemis pet food?

    Safe raw ingredients in foodstuff quality - fresh, from selected long-term suppliers mainly from the USA, 'clean' (without hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, fertilizer residues, heavy metals, etc.).

    The main ingredient up to 4 kinds of meat in one formula - chicken, turkey, salmon and duck- through a combination of fresh meat and premium single-kind meat meals we can achieve the highest possible content of meat using current technologies (up to 300 grams of fresh meat per 100 grams of pet food) .

    Dried whole eggs - a source of easily digestible proteins and high-quality fat; a high content of nutritionally valuable substances including vitamins and lecithin.

    Optimally low amount of starches - only diet-suitable sources of starches including millet, oats and potatoes, no wheat, no corn , etc.

    High-quality and easily digestible fats (chicken and salmon) - rich in unsaturated omega 3 and 6 fatty acids in active form (including DHA, EPA, linoleic acid and linolenic acid).

    Fruit, vegetables, herbs - exactly in compliance with the holistic philosophy of nutrition (tomatoes, seaweed, carrots, peas, apples, blueberries, spinach, cranberries, rosemary, parsley).

    Nutraceutics - natural substances acting in an organism with a much bigger strength than medicines and without undesirable side effects (green tea extract, barley malt, ale yeasts, L-carnitine, yucca schidigera, chicory) .

    Enzymes - if they are contained in pet food, they bring it as close to raw food as possible.

    Probiotics - yoghurt bacteria for the support of healthy digestion.

    A complete spectrum of vitamins and minerals, including organic forms of micronutrients - chelates - vitamin and mineral premixes prepared specially according to the requirements of the producer of Artemis; organic forms of micronutrients bound to the protein molecule are better digestible and biologically more suitable compared to inorganic forms.

    Artemis pet food strictly does not contain any raw materials potentially less suitable and unsuitable for the nutritional needs of pets as:

    • cheap, often contaminated, feeding raw ingredients
    • raw ingredients of low nutritional value such as by-products
    • raw ingredients that play the role of 'fillers' or a cheap source of proteins such as: corn, soya, beetroot, protein concentrates, and hydrolysates
    • raw ingredients that may be harmful to a dog's or a cat's organism such as – menadione, calcium hydrogen phosphate, colourants, or chemical preservatives

    The absence of these substances seems to be obvious in the super premium category of pet food, but it is not…